Sending Your Child to Daycare vs. Hiring a Babysitter

There comes a time in most every mother’s life when she has to decide whether or not to send her little one to daycare or else hire a babysitter. While both have their strengths, overall it makes sense to enroll a child in daycare for the socialization aspect. Daycares offer a structured environment for children. […]

The Importance of Friendship Development in the Preschool Years

Friendship is something many music artists have sung songs about, from the fabulous Bette Midler in 1972 to Randy Newman in 1995 and then some. If you listen to songs about friendship, you’ll notice how singers emphasize phrases like “but you’ve got to have friends, the feeling’s oh so strong” and “friends are friends forever.” […]

Memories from Summer Camp Last a Lifetime

Every child should have the chance to experience some form of summer camp in their life. Years later, they’ll look back fondly at those summer days spent with others their age doing all sorts of fun things before adulthood came and took up all their time with seemingly endless responsibilities. Summer camp is meant to […]

Why Working With Children Is a Rewarding Career Path

Watch Me Grow Daycare Center has a unique name. The “Watch Me Grow” part is key. Isn’t it amazing to think how young minds can be influenced for good– or for bad–thanks to the people and things around them? As they grow up, they take what they’ve learned at a very young age and that […]

Why is it Smart to have Children Keep Journals?


Think back to a particular time of your life and see what you can remember. Is your memory a bit foggy? It’s not always easy to remember the particulars of what you were thinking, doing and experiencing years ago.   For many people, keeping a written journal is a good way to record memories and […]

The Importance of Communication Between Parents and Their Child’s Teacher


Watch Me Grow Daycare Center believes it’s important to have strong communication between parents and teachers. Did you know that in addition to the daily care sheet, your child’s teacher writes a daily journal entry highlighting your child’s day? These journals are extremely useful because parents can read them and respond with questions or concerns. […]

Reasons to Read Aloud to Your Child


Reading aloud to children is a vital childhood experience. It has many positive benefits.   First, reading aloud helps children learn and understand language, building word-sound awareness which can then help them with their own reading later on. Before children can even talk, just hearing an adult or older sibling read to them can stimulate […]

Pets Can Improve Your Child’s Health

Children and Pets

Pets have seemingly always played a part in the lives of children  growing up, whether in present day America or even ancient times. There’s just something special about caring for a pet cat or dog, isn’t there? They can be the best of companions.   Research shows that pets help make today’s children “more responsible,” […]

The Importance of the First 2,000 Days of Your Life

Daycare Center

  Do you remember how old you were when you first attended school? For most of us, it was when we were 3, 4, or 5-years-old. Before that, we were subject to what our parents taught us, as well as those around us, and, of course, television. Interestingly, researchers have found a child’s first 2000 […]

A Child’s Routine is a Key Factor in Development


As adults, we take our daily routines for granted. In fact, most of us probably couldn’t live without them. We rarely think back to how our daily schedules were developed over time, as it tends to involve small, occasional changes and adjustments. Can you imagine if you woke up every morning with absolutely no concept […]