A Child’s Routine is a Key Factor in Development

October 22nd, 2015 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

As adults, we take our daily routines for granted. In fact, most of us probably couldn’t live without them. We rarely think back to how our daily schedules were developed over time, as it tends to involve small, occasional changes and adjustments. Can you imagine if you woke up every morning with absolutely no concept of where you needed to be at any given time, starting your to-do list from scratch?


That’s pretty much the life of a child. Before setting them up with a regular daily routine, children can approach activities with confusion, and sometimes even fear. Teaching your child where they’ll be and what they’ll be doing during various moments of the day can make things easier for both of you. Over time, and with enough persistence, a parent should be able to hand off portions of a daily routine to their child.


Growing up is tough, and part of the reason is that children are faced with brand new experiences every day. A routine helps to introduce a sense of stability into lives that can be much more turbulent than they seem. Better yet, when you tell them it’s time to do something they don’t particularly enjoy, your child will be less likely to put up a fight. Instead of constantly bossing your child around, you can simply remind them that it’s time to brush their teeth or clean up their toys.


In addition to making less desirable tasks and activities easier to deal with, a healthy routine also teaches children a sense of being rewarded with the fun stuff. Learning to appreciate delayed gratification is one of the most important parts of growing up. A routine provides the assurance that life is not simply a mess of positive and negative experiences. We take care of our chores so we can enjoy the good times.


Even if one recognizes the value of a daily childhood routine, it can be a tough task when your own routine keeps you away from your child for half the day. That’s where the value of a great daycare comes in. At Watch Me Grow Daycare Center, we provide the structure that keeps your child’s daily activities regular and predictable.




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