A Strong Literacy Program is Vital for Child Development

October 25th, 2016 watchmegrowdaycarecenter
Literacy Programs

Literacy is simply defined as the ability to read and write. It also, however, encompasses the ability to view, design, speak, listen, discern, interpret and connect– to communicate effectively in society. A strong literacy program is vital for a child’s development because it sets the foundation for lifelong learning. If a child cannot properly read or write, he or she will fall behind peers in school. Later on in life, this will cause other problems.

Think about your own life. When you were younger you learned what a “STOP” sign looked like and what it meant. You learned how to spell your name using letters of the alphabet. There were opportunities to visit the library and check out books to take home and read. Reading exposed you to all sorts of ideas and worlds. You learned a lot about the world through reading at a young age. With writing, you were able to express yourself. The older you got, the more detailed and interesting your writing became. Imagine, then, if no one ever taught you how to read or write. You wouldn’t be able to figure out stuff as easily, that’s for sure.

There’s a lot to learn at a young age, and that’s a good time to learn since the human brain is designed to take in a lot of information at that time and then decipher it as we grow up and learn from our experiences and such. Literacy development not only teaches us the basics, but it also applies to comprehending the world around us, whether that’s in real life or via digital/interactive computer applications.

Today’s children need to be literate in many ways– they need to know how to read and write as well as work a smartphone or computer tablet if they are to be successful people. There’s so much material available today on the Internet, so literacy helps a person navigate their way through it all and find what they need. Furthermore, literacy allows people to better understand that which they are reading, seeing, hearing and/or experiencing.

To encourage literacy development, a parent can encourage their child to read books, newspapers, comics, magazines and websites. They can also ask them to write short stories. Putting an emphasis on learning new words to improve their overall vocabulary is a great idea, too. There are plenty of word games that help make learning new words fun. Plus, visiting local libraries is a smart way to expose children to new books, videos and ideas to spur their imagination.

At Watch Me Grow, literacy development is important. Children develop their language, phonics, reading and writing skills through the use of books on tape, the leap frog tag system, and printing journals. The program is designed to promote reading readiness through phonemic awareness. If you have any questions about the literacy program at Watch Me Grow, please call 716-656-8050.

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