Why Art is Important to a Child’s Development

July 1st, 2014 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

As educational institutions shift their curriculums to Common Core standards, many are beginning to wonder where art will fall in. Open art is a simple way for children to express creativity and at Watch Me Grow Daycare Center, we consider it to be a building block in child development.


Children in our center will be able to explore their abilities and express their imaginative minds during art time. When a child participates in the arts, they are gaining many developmental benefits. First, they are expanding their fine and gross motor skills. When a child picks up a crayon or makes strokes with a paintbrush, they are developing dexterity, which places the groundwork for motor advancement as they progress from infant to toddler and on to school age.


Inventiveness is another great benefit your child will gain through artistic expression. Watch Me Grow encourages children to express themselves in any way they desire. They take a creative risk choosing a color or medium which influences further innovation. Art introduces deep thinking and thought selection when making choices.


Creating a “masterpiece” or even discussing what they did during art is so important to a child. These processes increase language development in a child.  Artistic endeavors provide children with additional opportunities to develop language and expand their vocabulary as they verbalize the process and the end product. By the time a child reaches elementary school, they will be able to use these descriptive words in every day conversation.


Art and creative play have numerous benefits that they will carry with them beyond their time here at the center. For more information on our curriculum and the programs we provide, please contact us today!



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