Benefits of Pretend Play

September 8th, 2017 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Your child has probably played “pretend house” or “pretend school” every now and then and research suggests encouraging it since it’s an important part of childhood development. So the next time you hear your child talking to him or herself in a make believe scenario they have created, let them continue and try not to interfere since many benefits come from doing so.Benefits of Pretend Play

Pretending is important in child development. Through play pretend:

Children learn about themselves and the surrounding world

Children often learn about their likes and dislikes, their interests and abilities through pretend play. If you watch your child play with a doll or action figure you’ll be able to see an example of this. The doll or figure often become versions of the child and are a way for the child to express new ideas and feelings.

Children work out scary or new life issues

Have you ever seen a child play pretend doctor? They go through the steps a doctor would such as using a stethoscope or giving shots. This is a child’s way of exploring an experience that is common or sometimes scary or confusing. By playing pretend doctor, a child will most likely become more comfortable.

Children develop important social and thinking skills

Pretend play requires advanced thinking strategies, communication and social skills. When engaging in pretend play, children learn how to negotiate, consider other perspectives, develop a plan and act on it and so forth. If you sit back and listen the next time you hear your son or daughter pretend play with their toys, you will probably be amazed!

Here at Watch Me Grow Day Care Center, children participate in self-selected activities in learning centers, gym or outdoor playground to encourage pretend play or play with one another. If you are looking to enroll your child, give us a call today at 716-656-8050 or stop in to see us at our location in Cheektowaga!

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