Why Working With Children Is a Rewarding Career Path

Watch Me Grow Daycare Center has a unique name. The “Watch Me Grow” part is key. Isn’t it amazing to think how young minds can be influenced for good– or for bad–thanks to the people and things around them? As they grow up, they take what they’ve learned at a very young age and that […]

Five Reasons to Send Your Child to Daycare


  Dropping your child off at daycare for the first time can a difficult and emotional experience. It’s also tough on the second day, and the third, and the fourth, and the fifth—okay let’s just face it. Letting go of your baby never gets any easier. Still, considering the positive impact that daycare can have […]

How Science Experiments Aid in Child Development

Science Experiments

  Children are naturally inquisitive. They go through a stage where they’re constantly asking adults, “Why?” Indeed, many children grow up to be adults who still ask that question, frequently, and it serves a great purpose– finding out why helps a person learn, which then helps them in their everyday life as they face numerous […]

The Value of Field trips

Children, big and small, look forward to that special day where they get to head out of the classrooms and board a bus that will transport them to a unique place. They anxiously await these trips since the moment they bring that permission slip home in their backpacks.  Whether it be museums, zoos, aquariums or […]

Continue the Early Reading Journey at Home!

The success of a child’s journey through reading and education is most effective through consistency in their early childhood center and at home. Our literacy enrichment programs help children develop language, early reading/writing skills and phonics. Continuing these lessons in a variety of fun and different ways will help encourage your child to keep the […]

Naptime is the Best Time to Improve Learning

As a parent, you know that naptime can alleviate midday irritability; but did you also know it has also been shown to improve a child’s aptitude to learn? Results from a recent study conducted at the University of Massachusetts show that a child’s ability to learn increasingly improves after naptime.   The old saying goes […]

Technology in Pre-School

In this growing digital age, Watch Me Grow Daycare Center has integrated the use of technology into their classrooms.  Watch Me Grow’s Computer Lab Enrichment Program uses interactive technology to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom.  Pre-School children can not only learn more efficiently, but will absorb an immense amount of information from using developmentally […]

Study Finds Daycare Widens Social Skills

  Parents who send their children to quality daycare programs can already attest to the social blossoming they experience. A recently concluded study by the Radboud University Nijmegan, published in PLOS ONE, backs this up with science. The study involved non-verbal communication and the relationships between children of different ages.   In the study, pairs […]

Five Great Nutrition Practices for Parents of Healthy Kids

As a parent, it can be difficult to ensure that your child is getting the right amount of nutrients for their growing bodies and minds. However, the nutrition and eating practices that your child develops now is going to pave the way for a healthy future. The first thing to remember is that you control […]

Overlooked Benefits of Sending Your Child to Daycare

To state the obvious, the number one reason that parents send their child to daycare is because of their work schedule.  Parents need a reliable place for their children to go when they are not around, and a daycare center can provide that and much more.   A daycare center is a wonderful place for […]