Communication: Building Blocks for Success

March 31st, 2014 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

The key to a successful preschool experience involves thorough communication, communication between the parent and child and most importantly, the parent and the teacher. Parents, specifically first time enrollers in childcare, are going to be especially interested in the day-to-day activities that occur during their child’s stay at the center. Some parents might only need a brief overview from their caregiver and some may be interested in a detailed description of their entire day. At Watch Me Grow Daycare Center, we provide various methods of communication to our families that give detailed insight to your child’s day here at the center.


While our Director and teachers are always available to address your concerns or interests, we provide daily care sheets for our families. The daily care sheets are handed out on the days that your child attends daycare and are filled with all of the fun and interesting activities and/or milestones that your child has accomplished during their day. The reports will give details about what your child ate for their meals, naptime, behavior, log of diaper changing and/or toilet training.


Another method that we utilize at our center is communication through journals. We provide journals for our families that have more detailed information about your child’s day. Our teacher’s fill out entries for each child and parents will have the opportunity to read through and contribute any questions, concerns and requests regarding their child. Our families continue to address how useful and enjoyable these journals are. We understand that it is hard to part ways with your child at drop-off time so these journals allow you to truly be a part of their experience at Watch Me Grow Daycare Center.


Communication through these methods and traditional communication forms allow not only parents to understand their child’s teacher but for the teacher to understand the child as an individual. Communication from the very initial meeting with your daycare provider will allow for an easy transition into preschool as well as how your teacher can better serve you and your child.



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