Continue the Early Reading Journey at Home!

January 23rd, 2014 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

The success of a child’s journey through reading and education is most effective through consistency in their early childhood center and at home. Our literacy enrichment programs help children develop language, early reading/writing skills and phonics. Continuing these lessons in a variety of fun and different ways will help encourage your child to keep the reading momentum going from Watch Me Grow Daycare to home.


Providing your child with various types of reading and writing activities is important. Helping your child to engage in these kinds of learning methods can be fun and exciting if taught in different ways. For example, pull out a map and show your older children the distance from your house to another location (store, school, post office, etc.) Have them write the directions (with your help!) and then have them read the directions out loud as you walk to the destination you chose!


Word recognition is an important aspect in the early stages of reading. A fun way to recognize simple words and objects in your house are to start labeling items! From furniture to the food in the fridge, grab some paper and tape and label everything. Reading these labels repeatedly will help establish word and object recognition, building up your child’s knowledge.


Our literacy programs promote language development and helps master their skills, but the path to reading success does not have to stop at our doors. Encouraging your child to pick up a book or a set of flashcards at home can help them excel when it comes to learning how to read. For more information on our center and our enrichment programs, visit our enrichment page!



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