Did You Know You May Qualify for Childcare Assistance?

April 29th, 2014 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

With the economy in the shape that it is, many families are experiencing financial hardships. Some parents are even beginning to withdraw their children from daycare because they are suffering from these monetary setbacks. Childcare is not only beneficial to the child’s cognitive development but also great for their social skills; so cutting back on daycare expenses ultimately hurts the child. However, there may be a great opportunity you may qualify for: Did you know that you can apply for childcare assistance through the county?

The Erie County Department of Social Services offers assistance for eligible families through a variety of programs. These plans offered by Erie County help cover the cost of care for a child, which eliminates some of the hardships that comes from finances. Through the various assistance plans, the Day Care Unit will determine your family’s eligibility. If the specific qualifications are met, child day care assistance will be authorized, relieving you from hefty payments. The Unit  promotes quality day care in the various communities of Erie County and provides additional technical assistance for childcare providers that meet regulations of New York State.

There are four standard plans offered by the Day Care Unit of the Erie County Department of Social Services: Temporary Assistance Day Care, Transitional Day Care, Non-Temporary Assistance Day Care and Preventive/Protective Services Day Care. Each plan outlines a different set of qualifications that must be met by families with children in childcare. With four different plans, there is a great chance for the opportunity to receive assistance from the County to keep your child in care at a facility such as Watch Me Grow Daycare Center!

For more information about each plan, visit the Erie County Department of Social Services website. For questions regarding day care eligibility and program requirements, call 716-858-8953. Help is merely a question away!

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