Fall Illness Precautions and Preparations:

October 7th, 2013 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Fall has arrived! The sound of school buses can be heard every morning, the air is crisp and apple or pumpkin nametags can be seen in almost every children’s center. But as the weather gets chillier and we get deeper into the fall season, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect your child from the cold.


Children are more apt to get the seasonal flu because their immune systems are not as developed as an adult’s. A child with chronic health problems are at an even higher risk of the flu and other complications if the proper preventative methods are not put into effect.


The weather changes quickly and rapidly so it is important to provide your child with the necessary clothing that is ready to wear. It is time to bring out the jackets and sweatshirts from the basement, and for that matter, the snowsuits and snow boots! One hour spent playing outdoors in a chilly drizzle can leave your little one feeling a tad under the weather. This can easily be prevented by ensuring they have the proper attire at daycare.


Considering taking your child to get the flu vaccination is another great way to prevent the flu and other common fall sicknesses. The flu vaccine is the best prevention tactic against the flu. As soon as the vaccine becomes available, children from six months or older should receive the vaccine. Younger children, under the age of eight, often require two dosages of the vaccine. Your child’s physician can speak with you about what they recommend for your child, specifically.


A healthy diet is also a great way to prevent the common cold and seasonal illnesses. Choosing fresh, whole foods for your child such as cherries, apples, kale, broccoli and carrots are rich in quality vitamins and nutrients before processing. Foods like these provide great protection during flu season and strengthen the immune system.


Lastly, if your child is sick, try to arrange a way for them to rest at home.  Resting at home will help them get well soon, and we all know that one sick child at daycare can quickly lead to a handful of sick children!


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