Five Great Nutrition Practices for Parents of Healthy Kids

August 8th, 2013 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

As a parent, it can be difficult to ensure that your child is getting the right amount of nutrients for their growing bodies and minds. However, the nutrition and eating practices that your child develops now is going to pave the way for a healthy future. The first thing to remember is that you control what goes in their bellies and what kind of activities they are allowed to participate in during their free time. With that in mind, here are five great tips to help integrate healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle into your children’s day-to-day routine.


1.) Practice a healthy lifestyle: The whole family can benefit from this one. If you stock your pantries with healthy food and practice balanced nutrition and an active lifestyle yourself, your children will be exposed to these ideals early on. Kids’ brains are sponges and they are going to want to do as you do. Setting a good example for them, nutritionally, is going to go a long way for their future.


2.) Don’t live by the ‘Clean Plate’ rule: Many of us grew up with this rule. It was tough and annoying as a kid, but what we don’t realize is that it often follows us into our adulthood. Those who were strictly ordered to finish all the food on their plates are much more likely to do the same now. Letting a child decide when they are full will help them listen to their bodies now so they don’t overeat later in life (just because they feel like they have to).


3.) Minimize liquid calories: When it comes to beverages, the same mentality many of us (especially women) have still holds true with kids: Don’t drink your calories away. While this isn’t necessarily always true with kids at a healthy weight, giving them sugary pop and juice drinks isn’t going to help them develop good nutritional habits. Water, natural teas, milk, and 100% juice are great ways to hydrate and nourish your little one.


4.) Put a limit on electronic time: Kids these days are all about their electronics. Giving them a set amount of time on the computer and watching TV is going to force them to find something fun and active to do. Encourage them to join a sports team or club that would promote physical activity without them even thinking about it! Also, try to plan family walks after dinner or to the park to play.


5.) Look for alternatives: You don’t want your kids feeling deprived when it comes to their favorite snack foods, but you don’t want to keep them available all the time either. Occasionally is okay, but you don’t want your kids to think of food as positive reinforcement. Ensure your kids know that there is a difference between food and love, but everyone deserves a treat now and then! Luckily, there are plenty of healthier alternatives available to us, whether you’re looking up a healthy recipe for cookies, cakes, or other desserts, check out the Super Healthy Kids website for some fun and healthy recipes everyone can enjoy AND feel good about!


If you go about it the right way, good health and nutrition is a fun journey that you can share with the whole family. Learn recipes to cook and activities to enjoy together and you’ll be on your way to an active, healthy and happy lifestyle for not just your kids, but your whole family!


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