How Science Experiments Aid in Child Development

May 26th, 2015 watchmegrowdaycarecenter
Science Experiments


Children are naturally inquisitive. They go through a stage where they’re constantly asking adults, “Why?” Indeed, many children grow up to be adults who still ask that question, frequently, and it serves a great purpose– finding out why helps a person learn, which then helps them in their everyday life as they face numerous questions, dilemmas, and decisions.


One way to help a child’s development is through hands-on science experiments. By engaging the child’s senses, and having them use both their minds and their hands to experiment scientifically, adults can help foster their brain development. Here’s where it gets interesting: our brains are pattern-seeking machines, and science is one of humanity’s main ways to recognize and classify naturally occurring patterns. Involving children in experiments teaches them that “doing this leads to that.” It’s an “if…then” situation, where children get the joy of discovering classic occurring patterns.


Whenever a child learns something new, it affects their brain in a good way. Repeating tasks or using new skills helps reinforce neural pathways. You’ve heard the term “use it or lose it,” right? Well, in the case of children, their brains are like sponges, soaking up what they see, hear, feel and more. Their little brains need to be exercised and challenged with new information in order to grow. Science experiments are a fun way to help little ones’ brains grow and develop into the eventual teenagers and adults they’ll become.


Science experiments can involve topics children like, including weather, water, and animals. They can get children talking, expressing themselves, making guesses, and, eventually, reading and comprehending instructions. Since science involves a process to think about and understand the world we live in, it makes sense that children should be exposed to it and utilize it in their development.


At Watch Me Grow Daycare Center, we periodically plan science experiments for our children to enjoy.  For more information about the benefits of sending your child to our daycare, please contact us today.



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