How to Help Children Get in the Routine of Going to Daycare

August 27th, 2015 watchmegrowdaycarecenter
Daycare Routine

If you’re a child who is used to mom and dad and the safe confines of the family home, then going to daycare can be intimidating. It’s a totally new environment with new people.


A parent or caregiver can help a child get in the routine of going to daycare by literally taking them there, holding their hand, reassuring them that everything’s okay, and walking them through the daycare facility. Before the actual routine of spending time at daycare actually occurs, some introductory visits can help the child make the transition. On these short visits, the child can see the new environment, get acquainted with the people who run the place, and feel safe because their parent/caregiver is with them.


Children readily adopt the outlook of the adults around them. Therefore, if you view the experience in a positive way, they are likely to do so as well. Much like a child looks forward to opening a wrapped present, daycare can be thought of as something to look forward to– a place where they can play with new toys, spend time with new friends, and have adventures they normally wouldn’t have at home.


Since daycare is at a set time, it’s important to adjust the child’s sleeping schedule so they get enough rest each night before daycare. Having a regular, set bedtime can help establish this routine. Before the child goes to sleep here’s an idea: sing with them, read to them, and discuss what they can look forward to the next day at daycare. If they know you’re feeling good about daycare that will help them feel that way, too.


At first, daycare is an adjustment, but it soon thankfully becomes routine.



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