How Your Child Can Benefit From Learning a Second Language

April 30th, 2013 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Parents strive to provide their children with as many opportunities to grow and succeed as possible. The majority of opportunities that children are exposed to come from their education.  From the moment a child is born, the learning process begins. For this reason, it is incredibly important not to overlook early education. In an attempt to develop cognitive intelligence as early as possible, learning a second language is now widely encouraged and offered to children of all ages.


Several studies have been conducted to assess the effects that learning a second language has on a child’s cognitive and overall intelligence.   The vast majority of the results point to an enhanced ability to learn.  Learning a second language, such as Spanish, is an incredibly rewarding and well-rounding experience, and exposes children to a new culture.  Some of us may remember seeing commercials and advertisements for the cartoon learning program, MUZZY, which aims to teach popular second languages to children in a fun and engaging way. MUZZY, developed by the British Broadcasting Company, is now owned by publishing company, Early Advantage, which proudly offers many learning programs for children today.


Take a look at some of the main aspects you can expect your child to benefit from upon learning a second language, which Early Advantage suggests:


Higher test scores

In 2007 the College Board, which administers the SAT, released a College Bound Seniors report in which you can see the tangible benefits of students studying a foreign language. The report states that those students who had four or more years of foreign language study scored an average of 140 points higher on the Critical Reading and Math sections than those students with half a year or less, and over 150 points higher on the Writing section.


Greater confidence

Learning a second language is a uniquely rewarding experience, and gives children a confidence boost, as well as a possible yearning for more knowledge to emulate that same, proud feeling.


Greater opportunities for their future

Colleges and careers are more attainable with the knowledge of a second language. With the advancement in the globalization of today’s economy, knowing a second language can augment a person’s resume. Similarly, colleges are placing more importance on the knowledge of more than one single language.


Broader view of the world

Learning a second languages sparks interest in other cultures, providing children with a broader worldview. Down the road, an interest in traveling may develop and those with language skills will not have to worry about communication issues.


Watch Me Grow Daycare Center offers an introduction to Spanish as a second language as an integral part of our Enrichment Programs. As an extension to the daily curriculum, students are exposed to educational experiences they might not otherwise encounter. This is just another great reason to choose Watch Me Grow for your children’s early growth and development!


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