Importance of Proper Footwear at Daycare

July 24th, 2014 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Outdoor play is a chance for children to enjoy learning beyond the four walls that comprise their classrooms. At Watch Me Grow Daycare, we love to spend time outside exploring, learning and engaging in fun activities with one another, and we enjoy doing this as often as possible! However, just how we practice safety indoors, we must translate these practices outdoors as well. We can start by encouraging the use of proper footwear while at daycare.


The best footwear option for your child to wear to daycare is a shoe that has strong support and protects the entire foot. Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, a family physician, educates his patients on the child’s foot and how improper footwear can actually prevent a child’s foot from growing properly. If the cartilage surrounding a child’s foot becomes damaged due to the wear of poorly shaped shoes, the bones will develop into a deformed shape.


When a child is active and playing at daycare, inflexible and flimsy footwear can help aid in the damage. These shoes restrict the natural movement of the foot and additionally, cause your child to fall and injure themselves further. When your child is at Watch Me Grow, we want them to be safe and injury-free!


Safe shoes and footwear are especially important outdoors because of the natural environment. While we take very good care of our play areas, we cannot control Mother Nature. We recommend sending your little one with sneakers to protect their feet from stones, sticks and other items that may find their way into our play space.


If you have any questions on what footwear may or may not be appropriate for your child at our center, please contact us today!


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