Memories from Summer Camp Last a Lifetime

May 23rd, 2016 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Summer CampEvery child should have the chance to experience some form of summer camp in their life. Years later, they’ll look back fondly at those summer days spent with others their age doing all sorts of fun things before adulthood came and took up all their time with seemingly endless responsibilities.

Summer camp is meant to be fun.  It’s more informal than school, for sure.  Children can enjoy planned games, field trips, sports, arts & crafts, and time spent outdoors when the weather’s nice, sunny and warm. Camp’s also a place to meet new friends and learn new things. Some children dread school but thrive at camp– why is that? Camp is typically seen as fun, whereas school is seen as work. The funny thing is that summer camp teaches children a whole lot about life similar to how school does, too, but children seem to welcome camp like it was Christmas morning full of presents.

Watch Me Grow Daycare Center of Cheektowaga, NY, has a summer camp with extremely flexible scheduling, making it convenient for parents who need to plan their own family summer vacations and such.

Children ages 5 to 12 participate in Watch Me Grow’s summer camp on the premises of the center’s property.  We provide our summer campers with a wide variety of planned activities, field trips, sports, summer camp visitors, arts and crafts, special events, science experiments, cooking creations, and plenty of outdoor fun.   We’ll have visitors like Sax Man Slim, Museum of Science, Niagara University Repertory Company, Buffalo Zoo, Niagara Falls Aquarium, Cheektowaga Police and others come and present to our campers. These experiences are not only fun for our children but educational as well, as are the field trips to Hidden Valley Animal Adventure, Canalside and Inner Harbor, Penn Dixie Paleontological, Bowling, Putt-Putt, and Fantasy Island. Add to that visits to local parks and pools, and our children can’t help but look forward to time spent at summer camp.

For more info about Watch Me Grow Daycare Center’s summer camp, please visit or call 716-656-8050.

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