Naptime is the Best Time to Improve Learning

December 23rd, 2013 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

As a parent, you know that naptime can alleviate midday irritability; but did you also know it has also been shown to improve a child’s aptitude to learn? Results from a recent study conducted at the University of Massachusetts show that a child’s ability to learn increasingly improves after naptime.


The old saying goes “you should sleep on it” but it is actually quite true. While napping, your brain has time to process the information it has taken in while at daycare. Scientifically, a nap is the time where the material your child has absorbed moves from temporary storage areas to permanent storage areas of the brain.


During the study, children were instructed on how to complete a task. Half of the children were instructed to nap afterwards and half were not instructed to nap. The study concluded that the memory performance was better for the children who took their regularly scheduled nap than those who did not take time to rest.


At Watch Me Grow Daycare Center, the children are immersed in a facility that is filled with quality care, learning, nurturing and rest time. Throughout the day, children will be cared for in an encouraging environment while learning through structured curriculum and periods of free-choice. Our center encourages a segment of the day in our programs to be utilized for rest and naps, where the children can rejuvenate for more learning and develop physically and cognitively.


We believe and instill a comprehensive day of curriculum including structure, free play and rest. Moreover, we know that creativity and rest time is important for the growth and stimulation of a child’s development. Contact us for more information on our facility or to schedule a tour of our classrooms!




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