Reasons to Read Aloud to Your Child

December 2nd, 2015 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Reading aloud to children is a vital childhood experience. It has many positive benefits.


First, reading aloud helps children learn and understand language, building word-sound awareness which can then help them with their own reading later on. Before children can even talk, just hearing an adult or older sibling read to them can stimulate language development. It’s also a great way to expand their vocabulary as they encounter new words and learn what they mean. Reading aloud to children gets their brains working– they’re motivated to know “what happens next.” Indeed, they become curious about the stories they hear. And, best of all, they like to memorize them. Ask adults if they remember stories read to them when they were little and you’re likely to hear them recall, with detail, their favorites.


Next, reading aloud to children helps them develop an appreciation for both books and reading. In a digital world, this is a good thing. It’s especially nice to see parents bonding with their children over a good book. They can laugh together at the funny parts. Stories can help children cope with stress and tragedy, too. They’re often used to take children’s minds off of all the bad stuff in the world, as books are a way to escape into someone else’s imagined world for a time.


Finally, reading aloud to children helps prepare them for success at school, where they’ll be expected to understand basic concepts, to express themselves clearly, to patiently listen to adults, and, of course, to read.


Watch Me Grow Daycare makes it a priority for children to develop their reading and language arts skills. As part of our literacy program, the children in our care spend time in our Reading/Phonic Lab, where they can properly develop the skills needed to one day become a strong and (hopefully) avid reader.




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