Recycling Tips for Back to School

September 25th, 2018 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Back to School Tips

The start of a new school year is the perfect time to learn about recycling. Not only is it good for the environment and a serious money-saver, it teaches children responsibility and organizational skills.

Model eco-friendly behavior for your children by making recycling a key component of your back to school approach. Here are some recycling tips for back to school:

Skip the disposables

An average elementary school generates more than 18,000 pounds of waste each year from the brown bags, disposable containers and plastic water bottles that children bring in their lunches. Avoid waste by investing in a lunchbox, reusable containers, a thermos and a reusable water bottle for your child. Don’t pack foods that come in individual wrappers, since those just go in the garbage.

Think before you shop

Does your child really need all-new school supplies and clothing this year? If something is still in good condition from last year, reuse it. When you must buy new, look for products made from recycled materials.

Don’t throw away, recycle

What about those jeans that don’t fit, or the art supplies your child just doesn’t need this year? Instead of throwing them away, which means they’ll just end up in a landfill, look for ways to recycle them. There are a number of retailers and nonprofits that will take your unwanted items to reuse and recycle them.

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