Signs of a Quality Daycare Program

October 5th, 2016 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Quality Daycare ProgramsIf you’re going to hand over your child to adults working at a daycare center, you want to know they’ll be safe, treated nicely, and cared for, just like they’d be at home. What are some signs of a quality daycare?

First, consider the daycare center’s reputation in the community. Parents talk and they can tell you what they think of a place over a casual conversation. If you hear nothing but good things about a place, that’s great! If you hear “horror stories,” though, you’ll want to steer clear.

Next, investigate a daycare center before you sign your child up to spend time there. Is it a clean, safe environment? How does it handle outside visitors– can anyone just walk in or are there security measures to ensure children’s safety? It’s a good idea to ask about the center’s policies and procedures. If you ask a center’s staff member about the center’s polices, he or she should be able to articulate them, and if not, you should question the quality of the center.

Daycare is more than just a babysitting. Find out if there’s a structured schedule and what their curriculum is all about– some daycare centers are great at helping children develop their motor skills and their minds with stimulating curriculum, while others don’t implement the appropriate curriculum.

Notice whether or not the adults at the center genuinely like being around children or if it seems like they’re just doing their job and can’t wait to leave. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and see whether or not their philosophies on care issues align with yours.

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