Study Finds Daycare Widens Social Skills

September 9th, 2013 watchmegrowdaycarecenter


Parents who send their children to quality daycare programs can already attest to the social blossoming they experience. A recently concluded study by the Radboud University Nijmegan, published in PLOS ONE, backs this up with science. The study involved non-verbal communication and the relationships between children of different ages.


In the study, pairs of five-year-old children, each in a different room, were presented touch screens depicting a bird. An acorn was visible on the screen to only one of the children, who moved the bird around with her fingers. She was told to communicate the location of the acorn, hidden to the other child, without using words.


What the researchers eventually discovered was that when a child was told their partner was only two years old, she attempted to demonstrate the location of the acorn in a slower, more patient fashion. When she was told the other child was a fellow five-year-old, the signals were more casual and less patient, showing the child’s ability to differentiate and adapt when dealing with a more or less developed counterpart. This ability is nothing new for humans in general, but the study reveals its developed earlier in life than was previously thought.


So where exactly does daycare come in? The researchers concluded that the more days children attended daycare, the better they would be at communicating on different levels to children of different ages. This also suggests probable broader effects daycare can have on a child’s social development and ability to communicate and get along with their peers.


While science continues to reveal new benefits of sending your child to day care, Watch Me Grow Daycare Center strives to make the experience as comfortable and beneficial as can be. Stop in for a visit and take a glimpse at the enriching environment day care can provide.


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