Halloween Safety Tips for Children

Children love dressing up in their spooky costumes, trick-or-treating and, of course, eating lots of delicious candy. Make sure your little ghouls stay safe this year with these Halloween safety tips for children: Choose safe costumes Always go for costumes made of flame-retardant material, and avoid wigs or beards that cover noses, eyes or mouths. […]

The Importance of Keeping Children Active

At Watch Me Grow Daycare Center, we strongly believe that keeping children active is a vital part of their physical development and well-being. But in an age where smartphones and screens are more prevalent than ever, it’s worth mentioning in this space just why keeping children active is so important. Childhood is perhaps the most […]

How to Help Children Get in the Routine of Going to Daycare

Daycare Routine

If you’re a child who is used to mom and dad and the safe confines of the family home, then going to daycare can be intimidating. It’s a totally new environment with new people.   A parent or caregiver can help a child get in the routine of going to daycare by literally taking them […]

How Science Experiments Aid in Child Development

Science Experiments

  Children are naturally inquisitive. They go through a stage where they’re constantly asking adults, “Why?” Indeed, many children grow up to be adults who still ask that question, frequently, and it serves a great purpose– finding out why helps a person learn, which then helps them in their everyday life as they face numerous […]

The Boost That Comes With Spending Summer Outside

Remember the excitement of a summer day when you were young? If you were like most children back then, you most likely popped out of bed, threw some clothes on and ran outside to join the rest of the neighborhood children. You returned home—begrudgingly—once dinner was ready, or when the streetlights popped on.   It’s […]

3 Ways Daycare Can Help Socialize Your Child


While many parents who are unable to stay home with their children would give anything to do so, sometimes sending their sons and daughters to daycare can be the best thing for them. Too many times, children who don’t attend any kind of childcare miss out on many things including socializing and developmental skills.   […]

What Are Kindergarten Screening Tests?

Some schools give kindergarten screening tests to children to see if they’re developmentally ready to start kindergarten. These tests help teachers and staff understand what a child knows and what they may need additional help with in the classroom.   Watch Me Grow Daycare Center helps prepare kids for kindergarten screening tests. At Watch Me […]

Overlooked Benefits of Sending Your Child to Daycare

To state the obvious, the number one reason that parents send their child to daycare is because of their work schedule.  Parents need a reliable place for their children to go when they are not around, and a daycare center can provide that and much more.   A daycare center is a wonderful place for […]