Technology Can Help Child Development

June 12th, 2017 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Technology can help child development, but know your limits.

It’s common to see children playing with their parent’s smartphone or tablet while waiting for food at a restaurant or passing the time at a doctor’s appointment. These devices are simply easy and always on hand and may not harm the child if given to them once in a while.

When used appropriately, technology can benefit young children. The key is to not rely on screens to do all of the teaching and entertaining and to know your limits.

Educational Technology

Over the past few years, research has shown that educational technology does improve children’s learning. Technology often provides colorful, eye-catching images and allowing children to interact easily. If children are using educational technology specially targeted at improving their skills, they will improve more quickly rather than learning through traditional methods.

Mindless Screen Time

It’s important to remember that mindless screen time can affect children’s interaction and bonding with other people. If you’re a parent or a teacher, limit the screen time to an appropriate amount according to the child’s age. School-age children can benefit from the support of technology while younger children might experience developmental delays if used too much. Disconnect and spend quality time when you can and use technology that is targeted at improving a specific skill rather than having your child glued to a television show or iPad screen.

Here at Watch Me Grow Daycare Center, we understand the benefits of educational technology and use it appropriately. For a short period of time, children, ages three to four, learn literacy, reading, math and science skills from our Edmark Educational Programs and Leaptag and Books-on-Tape Program. We are dedicated to the growth of children. If you have any questions about the technology used in our classrooms or wish to enroll your child, please call 716-656-8050.

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