Technology in Pre-School

November 4th, 2013 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

In this growing digital age, Watch Me Grow Daycare Center has integrated the use of technology into their classrooms.  Watch Me Grow’s Computer Lab Enrichment Program uses interactive technology to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom.  Pre-School children can not only learn more efficiently, but will absorb an immense amount of information from using developmentally appropriate media and technologies. As they grow and advance into higher forms of education, these early moments with technology will prepare them for classes where computers and other types of interactive media are used frequently.


The use of computers and technology programs in the classroom should only be used to expand their learning and enrich the curriculum already in place. This means more than setting a child in front of a computer and having it act as a “babysitter.” For example, if the science lesson for the week involves the study of sea life, the tech-use should support the lesson plan. Use appropriate software that brings the ocean to life where the children can learn and differentiate various species.


In order for computer labs and other advanced learning centers to work effectively, it is important that teachers and staff regularly monitor the toddler’s use of the technology. It is important that all software is age and developmentally appropriate. Watch Me Grow Daycare Center uses developmentally appropriate software that is able to adapt to the user’s developmental level.  Our Computer Lab Enrichment Program uses literacy, math, and science -based software that enhances each child’s classroom curriculum.


Time spent at an interactive learning center will also encourage children to cooperate with one another. Children will have opportunities to work together to reach curriculum goals and help one another with confusion or questions.


Providing children the opportunity to use technology while in the classroom opens many doors for the child to develop curiosity, improve their abilities to problem solve and think independently. Bringing the world into the classroom through the use of technology will greatly improve their skillset and direct them onto the path for future success in the technology age.


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