The Health Benefits of Sending Your Child to Daycare

November 18th, 2016 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

DaycareThe demands on a person’s time these days can seem overwhelming. Paying bills, keeping up with The Buffalo Bills (win or lose!), doing laundry (there’s always laundry to do, right?), Facebook, and working, in general, keep a lot of adults very busy.

Parents often have a hard time finding any time for themselves. That’s why sending a child to daycare can be a godsend. It’s a couple hours a day for a couple days a week when mommy or daddy has some “me” time. This “me” time can be used to rest and/or to catch up on chores around the house, talking with friends/family, and/or getting work done– there’s always work to be done!

Not only is daycare a time when parents can trust their little one is safe, being watched, and learning stuff, but it’s also really good for the child.

One of the main benefits of sending a child to daycare is the opportunity for them to interact with their peers. Did you know children who attend daycare tend to have less emotional problems than those who don’t? That’s probably because they not only learn that it’s okay to be away from their parents at times, but they also negotiate with their peers on all sorts of subjects, like “I want that toy, please,” or “You be on my team for this game!”

Daycare is a chance for children to socialize and learn about new things. They interact with the adults in charge as well as fellow children. Their minds get stimulated. If their behavior causes a problem, they learn how to deal with their own thoughts and actions so as not to disturb others.

Interestingly, children who are surrounded by peers at daycare on a regular basis have been found to suffer from less colds throughout their elementary school years. They also learn how to behave with their peers, as well as the concepts of sharing, solving problems and being team players.

Watch Me Grow Daycare Center on Union Road in Cheektowaga is a great place for children. Parents should call 716-656-8050 to make an appointment for a visit to see if their child’s a good fit for Watch Me Grow’s programs.

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