The Importance of Children Playing Outdoors

April 21st, 2017 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Talk to older people about children these days and they’ll almost all lament that they wish children weren’t so into their screens. Indeed, young children today are more likely to look at a screen than to play outdoors. It’s “just the way it is,” but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Children should definitely play outdoors. For starters, playing outdoors is physical. Children aren’t just Children Outdoorssitting and staring at a screen. Instead, they’re running around, jumping onto things, making leaps and bounds. Add a ball to the mix, and then they’re throwing and catching, too. Like little bulldozers, children outside can haul all sorts of objects around, from stones to sticks and then some. Playing outdoors is good for their motor skills.

Do you want children to exercise? If so, send them outdoors where they’re likely to invent their own games. These games are likely to be a version of hide-and-seek, cops-and-robbers and others which involve running around, chasing one another, hiding in certain places, and generally moving their bodies, burning calories. Outdoor games are good for children because they have to make decisions, as well as organize themselves, invent rules, and learn to cooperate. Along the way they’re building relationships with others their age, communicating with each other in a real way. If they want to yell, they can! If they have lots of energy, they can “get it out” outside.

Children spending time outdoors is also healthy because they connect with nature. Maybe they’ll find a worm or bug to play with, or take their shoes off and feel the texture of the grass on their feet. Perhaps they’ll discover a robin’s egg in a nest or discover bunnies in a bush. Exploration is the name of the game outdoors, and it’s a very good thing for children to interact with, and enjoy, their living environment. Plus, it beats being cooped up in the house all day long.

From climbing a tree to taking nature walks, outdoor time is prime time for children– the more time outside they get, the better.

Watch Me Grow Daycare Center utilizes the outdoors as much as possible when the weather cooperates. To learn more about our summer programs, contact us today.

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