The Importance of Communication Between Parents and Their Child’s Teacher

January 20th, 2016 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Watch Me Grow Daycare Center believes it’s important to have strong communication between parents and teachers. Did you know that in addition to the daily care sheet, your child’s teacher writes a daily journal entry highlighting your child’s day? These journals are extremely useful because parents can read them and respond with questions or concerns.


Some parents like to talk face-to-face with their child’s teacher(s), while others prefer written communication. Whatever the method, good communication between parents and teachers is crucial.


Parents need to know what goes on at daycare, and when parents and teachers have and maintain good communication, this helps contribute to a child’s success because everyone’s “on the same page.” A teacher is very influential in a child’s life, and if a child knows their parent trusts and likes their teacher, that positive relationship helps put the child at ease.


Since parents know their children better than anyone, it really helps a teacher when a parent shares with them specifics about their particular child. For instance, if a parent tells the teacher details about their child’s academic and social development, the teacher will understand the child better and be able to tailor his or her lessons accordingly. It’s also a good thing when teachers tell parents specifics about what they’re teaching so parents know what and/or how their child is learning at daycare.


Ideally, parents and teachers do best when they create a problem-solving partnership to best benefit the child. Since parents have to work to pay the bills, children spend quite a bit of time at daycare. During a child’s formative years, daycare center teachers have the potential to truly influence them in ways that will affect their entire life. Open and honest communication between parents and teachers can set children on a positive path in life.


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