The Importance of Keeping Children Active

April 6th, 2018 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Children staying active

At Watch Me Grow Daycare Center, we strongly believe that keeping children active is a vital part of their physical development and well-being. But in an age where smartphones and screens are more prevalent than ever, it’s worth mentioning in this space just why keeping children active is so important.

Childhood is perhaps the most important time for a body’s development

This is when the bones in our body are beginning to grow, and the daily habits that we have later on are first created. So starting children’s lives on a healthy step is integral. Physical exercise holds immense benefits for bone health, muscle strength, and blood sugar levels. It’s also the best tool against child obesity, which is on the rise.

Physical exercise is not just good for a child’s physical well-being, but also their mental health

Children that are more active are likely to have a better sleep regimen, have a greater sense of their self-image and stress, and focus more clearly in the classroom. We tend to think that educational programs on electronic devices are helpful for our children’s upbringing, but in reality, just getting that physical activity in every day holds wonders for their development.

Like adults, children need three main types of exercise: aerobic, muscle strengthening, and bone strengthening.

And luckily, the sports and programs available to children—like swimming, dancing, and jump rope—are some of the best forms of these workouts. Ask your child’s doctor about the activity that works best for them and create a routine of activity that your child will enjoy.

Your child’s well-being is our top priority. That’s why daily gym or outdoor play time is an integral part of Watch Me Grow’s curriculum.  Our center has one of the largest gyms and outdoor play areas in Western New York.  We even have a wood chipped nature trail.  These features allow us to provide our children with more physical activities than other centers.

Are you interested in the programs we offer? Be sure to contact us today by calling 716-656-8050!

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