The Value of Field trips

June 10th, 2014 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Children, big and small, look forward to that special day where they get to head out of the classrooms and board a bus that will transport them to a unique place. They anxiously await these trips since the moment they bring that permission slip home in their backpacks.  Whether it be museums, zoos, aquariums or theaters, field trips have been a “schoolhouse” name for decades, one that brings joy to even an educator’s life. That’s because field trips are more than just fun, laughter and a day away from the childcare center; they are filled with value. They are truly a cultural, historical and educational experience for all.


Field trips allow the children to be immersed in the topics that they are learning about. More often than not, a child can recite back anything that they learn but they may not be able to make the connection to reality or the physical world unless they can experience it. Field trips allow children to learn in a fun way while in a culturally-enriched environment. A first-hand experience at a zoo or historical museum strengthens their sensory skills and allows the child to connect that school-taught lesson to what they are experiencing before their eyes.


At Watch Me Grow Daycare, we believe in this version of educational instruction and are strong advocates for frequent out-of-school experiences. This summer, we have a great learning curriculum that involves excursions to fun and educational places such as trips to the Hidden Valley Animal Adventure, Canalside (Canal Period Reenactment) and much more! Students are sure to spend their days learning through hands-on activities while making fond memories during the field trip adventure.


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