Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe While Playing Outdoors

February 27th, 2014 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Watch Me Grow Daycare Center is a facility comprised of knowledgeable management and enthusiastic, caring staff. It is a center filled with learning, fun and bright futures. Watch Me Grow not only prides itself on a state-of-the-art center with a quality curriculum but high standards of safety. When you drop off your child at Watch Me Grow, you can trust that they are in the safest care whether it is in the classroom or on our indoor or outdoor playground.


As the infamous winter of 2014 continues to pound our area with snow, it is easy to forget that spring and playground time are hopefully right around the corner.  You and your children are likely more than ready to get some fresh air and embark fun adventures outdoors, especially at the playground. While playgrounds are meant to be enjoyed, accidents can happen when the proper safety measures are not taken. As the weather warms up, spend some safe and quality time at your local parks with your child. Here are some of our safety practices we use at our center that you can try at home:


There are different playgrounds and climbers appropriate for various age groups. It is important to recognize which objects are appropriate and safe for your child. Choose an area of the playground that is most age-appropriate to play and deter them from parts of the play space that are the opposite.


Refrain from allowing your child to play on or use broken, damaged or rusty equipment. These surfaces can not only cause cuts and bruises, but are potentially hazardous if absorbed.


Make sure your child is dressed properly. This means they should be wearing sneakers that are appropriate for playing and running, no open toe or open back footwear. They should also wear clothing without drawstrings or dangling decorative pieces that could pose as a strangulation hazard.


Most importantly, supervise! Supervision is a key factor in keeping your child safe while playing on playground equipment.


Unlike many childcare centers, Watch Me Grow Daycare is not a chain. Because of this, we are able to manage every aspect of the center and monitor every child, especially when it comes to safety in our facility. If you would like to learn more about facility, or even take a tour, please contact us today.




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