Tips for Selecting a Summer Camp for Your child

March 13th, 2017 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Summer camp is something most children love to attend. Indeed, many adults look back on their lives fondly remembering all the cool things they saw, did, and learned at summer camp when they were younger.

Summer CampIf you have a child who falls between the ages of 5 and 12, this is primetime for them to experience summer camp. Compared to the old days, when it seemed like there were only a couple summer camps available, today there are plenty to choose from.

With that in mind, consider that there are camps that specifically cater to certain interests. Therefore, what does your child really like and gravitate towards? If they love sports and active adventures, then a sports-oriented outdoorsy camp makes sense. If they love to sing, perform, dance and dress-up in costumes, then a theater or music-oriented camp is a great choice.

Another thing to consider for choosing a camp is “sleep away” versus “day camp.” Some children  don’t do well being away from home, so it’s better to have them go to a day camp where they’ll sleep in their own beds at home each night. Others want to leave home and go somewhere rustic, near lakes and hiking trails. You know your children.  Are they the type that would rather go to sleep away or day camp?

Of course other considerations include the duration of the camp (a few days versus a few weeks), the overall cost (cheap or expensive), and location (nearby or a long drive).

In the Buffalo area, did you know Watch Me Grow Daycare Center offers a fun summer camp for ages 5 to 12? Watch Me Grow combines bringing in people to the Center for presentations (like the Buffalo Zoo Mobile or Aquarium Touch Tank) as well as field trips to places like Becker Farms and the local Town Pool and Park. As a day camp, Watch Me Grow combines indoor and outdoor fun and learning, with cooking activities, science experiments, and, of course, games. Best of all, summer camp scheduling is extremely flexible and vacation friendly. Call 716-656-8050 for more details about Watch Me Grow’s Summer Camp.

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