Well-Chosen Hobbies Encourage Children to Bloom

April 25th, 2018 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Hobbies for Children Children have growing minds, and without sufficient stimulation, your child can start itching for things to do.  Engaging your youngster in a hobby that provides entertainment and education helps your kid to grow and develop.

Here are some great options to help steer your child away from boredom and toward fun and learning.

Science experiments

Performing science experiments is a fun way to help children develop better math skills and increase confidence in the science classroom.  Children do basic calculations and learn fractions when measuring for experiments, and with successful completions, your youngster can feel more comfortable with science in general.  You don’t need a fancy lab to achieve results; just choose scientific experiments for kids using common household items.  You can amp up the fun by pretending a pitcher is a beaker or a bowl is a petri dish, or you can give things a magical flair with fun expressions like “Abracadabra!”

Backyard astronomy

Does your child enjoy stargazing?  Capitalize on that interest!  Children can learn about the solar system by observing the night sky, gaining further insights into stars, comets, and other celestial bodies, along with gaining a firmer foundation in science.  Your youngster can enjoy backyard astronomy with the naked eye.  On clear nights, your child might observe stars, the moon, and a handful of planets, and be able to monitor their movements.  You may wish to purchase a telescope or binoculars for deeper study.  Adding a good tool can broaden your child’s research, making other galaxies, asteroids, planets and comets more visible.  You can embellish the experience by talking about constellations and mythology or the history of spaceflight.  Think about what makes your child excited and use it to enhance learning.

Musical instruments

Learning to play an instrument offers special benefits to children. Parents notes kids who are musicians perform better academically, are more disciplined, exercise more patience, experience improved self-esteem, and have improved social skills.  Some children even develop better physical coordination and timing.  Traditional music lessons are a terrific choice, or you can opt for learning from the comforts of home with a music education app.

Rock collecting

Collecting rocks is one great way to enjoy nature and learn about how the earth was formed.  Children can snag specimens in the landscape of your backyard, or you can venture to local parks, roadsides and forests to expand the collection.  Encourage your youngster to learn to identify types of rocks in his or her collection.  The words used to describe the rocks are often Latin-based, giving your child a chance to learn about language, scientific description, geology and earth science.  Displaying their rock collection is an opportunity for your child’s self-expression.  Your child can create a fun display in a shadow box with labels, sort rocks by type into jars, or come up with his or her own unique organizational system.

Creatures and such

Many children enjoy being outside and experiencing flora and fauna.  You can encourage your kid to learn about nature by exploring in your own landscape.  Some great hobbies are outdoor learning activities involving living things.  If your youngster loves our feathered friends, bird watching or building a birdhouse can be a boon.  Kids can sketch or snap photos of birds to record characteristics, and then look up their identities.  If creepy-crawlies are more interesting to your child, bugs can be similarly recorded and identified.  Does your youngster love to grow things?  Consider investing in a greenhouse kit, or growing seedlings in an egg carton and then planting them in the garden.  It’s a chance to learn about how plants grow and the science behind flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Growth through fun

Hobbies can take away boredom, bringing excitement and education into your child’s world.  Well-chosen activities help your youngster live a fuller life.  Opt for hobbies that encourage your kid to bloom!

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