What Makes A High Quality Infant & Toddler Program?

September 5th, 2014 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

When you choose a child care facility for your infant or toddler, it goes far deeper than which daycare center looks the prettiest or has the coolest toys. Entrusting your baby in the care of someone else can be a huge hurdle to cross, but when you find a program of high quality, this transition will be seamless. When you begin to search for a daycare program for your little one, you should use the NYS Infant and Toddler Resource Network checklist to compare facilities. This checklist highlights the most important components that comprise a high quality program and factors that your caregiver should possess.


Staff training is a crucial aspect when searching for a daycare facility. The teachers who care for your infant or toddler when you are at work should be constantly bettering themselves and growing as an educator along with your child. Question the facility if their teachers and aides take part in frequent training sessions and what their qualifications are to teach. Possessing this education allows them to plan appropriate activities or lessons for your child as well as understanding the unique learning abilities of each individual child, which is something that Watch Me Grow prides ourselves on.


Staff-to-child ratio is another important component that defines a high quality daycare program. The smaller the ratio, the greater quality of care and education your child will receive. At WMG, infant programs have a ratio of four students to one teacher. This ratio allows us to provide individualized care and attention throughout a child’s development.


Responsive caregiving is the understanding, observing and respecting of each child and their temperament, capabilities and development. A daycare center should be an extension of your home that provides care and education for your child in accordance to theirs and your preferences. Through communication and a partnering relationship, our caregivers will create a plan specific to your child and their needs in a comforting and nurturing environment.


When your infant or toddler grows accustomed to Watch Me Grow, you will begin to notice how their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development blossoms. Leaving your child in the care of one of our teachers will no longer leave you nervous but relieved. We welcome you to come tour our facility, and if you have any general or specific questions, please contact us today.



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