Why Playtime is Important for Children

October 16th, 2013 watchmegrowdaycarecenter

Playtime or active learning is an integral part of a child’s development. It is important to remember that even without a structured curriculum; playtime is still a learning process for the child. Just because children are not being taught academically does not mean that they are not learning other skills. By simply playing with a crumpled up piece of paper, they are learning through their senses about the object, which is a very significant milestone for a child.


When children engage in free play at their early childcare center, they are also learning how to cooperate and collaborate with others. Learning these important socialization skills is a great way to establish what is right and wrong, and teaches them to habitually practice good manners.


By providing opportunities to play without structure, you are allowing the child to express their creativity and use their imagination. An empty cardboard box may just be a cardboard box to the parent, caregiver or teacher, but to a child, this cardboard box is a rocket ship about to blast off into outer-space. Simple forms of inventiveness like this are what give children enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.


Playtime is also a stress-reliever for a child. These opportunities to break from lesson plans and household chores are vital to a child’s development. Free play keeps a child health;, emotionally, socially and physically. In doing so, they also learn about themselves. They learn what they do and do not like, what they are and are not good at and learn to problem solve. Frustration may set in when their castle of blocks keeps toppling over but through trial and error, they will realize that their castle is just as wonderful being a tad shorter.


It is crucial that you allow your children time to play freely throughout the day without strategic planning. As long as the environment is safe and the toys are harmless and age appropriate, a child will learn substantially through playtime.


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